Ma Mere, et Moi

Now in post - production
Release December 2022

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Director: Emma Branderhorst
Writers: Nena van Driel
Production: Company Bind


Celeste Holsheimer
Hannah van Lunteren


In Ma mère, et moi we go on a road trip with a symbiotic mother and a daughter. The daughter tries to break free from her mother and is going to follow a language course in Marseille. It’s a film about saying goodbye and letting go, told from a very personal perspective. 

The story behind Ma mere, et moi

With this film I would like to address the complex theme; mother-daughter relationship. This relationship is so universal and full of tension and drama. My relationship with my mother is rather multifaceted and I would like to capture this in a film, in a light-hearted, playful way that everyone can identify with.