Ma Mere, et Moi

In Ma mère, et moi we go on a road trip with a symbiotic mother and a daughter. The daughter tries to break free from her mother and is going to follow a language course in Marseille. It’s a film about saying goodbye and letting go, told from a very personal perspective. 

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Premiered at BERLINALE Generation 14Plus 2023

Winner Young Director Award Cannes 2023


Director: Emma Branderhorst
Writer: Nena van Driel
DOP: Daan Bukman
Sound on set: Gijs Domen
Production Design: Fenna Stapel
Costume design: Vita Mees & Lisa Scheffer
Montage: Tessel de Vries
Music: Jorrit Kleijnen
Sound design: Gijs Domen
Producent: BIND FILM


Celeste Holsheimer
Hannah van Lunteren


Kees wants to roam far away from home, but her mother doesn’t seem ready to let her go yet. In light of the complexity and ambivalence of their close relationship, a joint road trip develops into an emotional tour de force.

The story behind Ma mere, et moi

With this film I would like to address the complex theme; mother-daughter relationship. This relationship is so universal and full of tension and drama. My relationship with my mother is rather multifaceted and I would like to capture this in a film, in a light-hearted, playful way that everyone can identify with.