My name is Emma Branderhorst, I am a Dutch director based in Amsterdam. You might know me from my films Under the Skin, Femme, and/or Spotless.
In my work I find it extremely important to show a realistic representation of reality through story-telling. My work is pure, taken from real-life, but with a cinematic touch. Through powerful and independent female protagonists I intentionally tell stories from a feminine perspective. My film Under the Skin premiered at Berlinale Generation, won the Wildcard Dutch Film Festival for the best new film talent (2019) as well as Cinekid’s best youth film (2020) which I am incredibly proud of. My new film Spotless (2022) won the Krystal Bear at Berlinale Generation, Cinekid award for Best Short Film and the Grand Prix at Regard in Canada, that’s means that we’re now officially Oscar Qualifying.



Ma Mere, et Moi

With this film I would like to address the complex theme; mother-daughter relationship. This relationship is so universal and full of tension and drama. My relationship with my mother is rather multifaceted and I would like to capture this in a film, in a light-hearted, playful way that everyone can identify with.


Menstrual products are seen as a luxury product in the Netherlands and many counties leaving women who can’t afford these products helpless. Spotless tells the story of many unheard women, and aims to open up the conversation and breaking the taboo about period poverty.

Under the Skin

The struggle and urge to belong to a group, at the expense of others. I became aware of this when watching famous American films, but in real-life this often happens in a very subtle devious way. In this film, I wanted to show how this kind of bullying can metaphorically get under your skin.


Femme was my first real film. While researching the relationship between siblings, I came across a weblog in which boys talk about their sexual development and that this is sometimes projected onto their sister. I wanted to explore this further through the film Femme.


I am also extremely proud to be part of Pink Rabbit, an Amsterdam based production company, under which I have directed several commercials for War Child, Make a Wish, Studytube and more.

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About Emma

My name is Emma Branderhorst, a 26-year-old director from Amsterdam. In my work I mainly deal with major social themes, which I make into a personal and intimate story. My stories are mostly from the female perspective. In my previous work I have dealt with themes such as period poverty, children of war and bullying. Although these themes sound heavy, I always try to apply a light tone. The ‘slice of life’ effect is very important in my work which is how I am able to make the characters feel ‘alive’ and that the story doesn’t only focus on the problem.


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