For my commercial work I am affiliated with the Amsterdam production house Pink Rabbit. Pink is a visual content creation agency through which I can make commercial work and combine my experience as a storyteller.

“Emma is a young Amsterdam based director, who consciously tells stories from a female perspective. Her work defines itself as subtle, vulnerable and realistic. In her commercial work too, she sees it as her duty to paint a realistic picture of society.”

Make a Wish – This is your world now

Every day, around three families in the Netherlands hear that their child is seriously ill. Their life changes instantly. This campaign is focused on encouraging donors to donate to Make a Wish so they can fulfil the wishes of seriously ill children.

Agency: Mediamonks

War Child – Monsters Exist

War Child works toward a world in which no child’s life is torn apart by war. The aim of this commercial was to make people aware of the psychological impacts of children in a warzone and to encourage people to make a donation.

There are children who think that monsters exist. They lie awake and then look under their bed. There are also children who know for sure. They too lie awake, but look the danger straight in the eye at night. War Child helps these children in war and conflict to remove those fears, so that children can sleep peacefully again.

Agency: Wundermann Thompson


A short commercial for Studytube, about the small and big moments in your life.

Agency: Pink Rabbit