About Emma Branderhorst

My name is Emma Branderhorst, a 26-year-old director from Amsterdam. In my work I mainly deal with major social themes, which I make into a personal and intimate story. My stories are mostly from the female perspective. In my previous work I have dealt with themes such as period poverty, children of war and bullying. Although these themes sound heavy, I always try to apply a light tone. The ‘slice of life’ effect is very important in my work which is how I am able to make the characters feel ‘alive’ and that the story doesn’t only focus on the problem.

My career up till now

In 2019 I graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht with the short film Onderhuids (Under the Skin). This film is about the struggle and urge to belong to a group, at the expense of others which often happens in a very subtle devious way amongst girls. I based this film on my own experiences during my high school days.

This film premiered at the Berlinale in 2020 and we won many prizes, including at the Cinekid festival (best short film) in Amsterdam and I won the Wildcard worth 50,000 euros at the Netherlands Film Festival. I could never have dreamed of this kickstart. Then I started working on my new film Spotless (Vlekkeloos), a film about period poverty. This film premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival and will play in October at the HER festival in collaboration with Cinetree and at the Cinekid festival. I am currently working on my new film Ma Mere, et Moi: A short road movie about a mother and daughter.

In addition to my fiction projects, I am affiliated with PINK RABBIT for my commercial work. In my commercial work I try to create subtle, sensitive and realistic campaigns. I see it as my duty to paint a realistic picture of reality in commercial work as well.

Glass of..?

I am an extremely driven, enthusiastic and studious director. And next to that also a sociable woman full of passion. I would love to think along with you, and come up with the best idea together. Preferably over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.